Tickets & Registration

Tickets & Registration

Buy a ticket to NATSA 2017

You need to first register an account with us before you purchase a ticket. To prevent growing spam problems, we will manually review and approve your account request. Please allow 24-48 hours for your account to be approved by us. Once your account is approved, you may continue to step 2. Before you continue to step 2, please read the information below.

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Ticket Pricing

All presenters must register for the conference in order to participate. If you have a guest who would like to join us for the dinner on Saturday night (but not the conference itself), please purchase additional dinner/lunch tickets for them during your registration. If not purchased in advance, additional lunch or dinner tickets may not be available.

Ticket Purchasing Instructions

1. If you need to purchase more than one ticket of the same item, please add to chart the number of tickets you need. When you click "add to chart" twice for the same item, you will see two tickets of the item in your shopping cart.

2. The Welcome Reception on May 25 is free events. However, pre-registration is necessary for our advance preparation. Please add a ticket to your shopping cart if you plan to join the events. If you need more than one ticket for the events, please add to chart the number of tickets you need.

Conference Participant (the registration price includes two-day lunch tickets and one Saturday dinner banquet ticket)
2017 Conference Regular registration(non-NATSA member): $120
(NATSA member): $70
ends May 24, 2017
***On-Site Registration is ACCEPTED!***Please stop by our front desk at Tresidder Memorial Union 2nd floor from 4:30pm, May 25th to 6pm, May 27th
Saturday Dinner Banquet Ticket: $30ends May 24, 2017
May 26 Lunch Ticket: $15ends May 24, 2017
May 27 Lunch Ticket: $15ends May 24, 2017
Stanford Students*: $60(SUID and email verification required)ends May 15, 2017
NATSA’s members enjoy a discount on registration fee, and NATSA's annual membership fee is only USD$20.
You can purchase both membership and conference discounted registration fee at the same time by clicking step 2 above.

* Stanford students must register through NATSA website and pay $60 registration fee. The registrant will get a $60 refund check at the registration desk. The $60 refundable registration fee includes a Saturday Dinner Banquet Ticket, a May 26 lunch ticket, and a May 27 lunch ticket for the registrant only. If the registrant has other family members and guests, additional non-refundable dinner banquet and/or lunch tickets must be purchased accordingly.

Payment Methods

Debit/Credit Card This website uses the payment system.
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
NO Bank/Wire Transfer & Physical Checks Due to international banking authorization and fees, we are unable to accept those payment methods.

Contact the NATSA Treasurer if your organization requires a 2017 W9 or other vendor forms.

Refund & Transfer Policy

Tickets are non-refundable, however it's free and easy to transfer your ticket to another person, if done prior to Monday, May 15, 2017.

To transfer your ticket at no charge, simply contact our NATSA Secretary with your transfer request and our awesome support team will help you.